Basics of Photoshop- A Guide

A friend of mine had been saving up for some time to buy the legendary Photoshop. The editing software of choice by graphic designers, soulless tabloid journalists and artists around the world, he knew he was making a great choice. He imagined his life would be complete when he bought Photoshop. Life would be breezy, he would glide around his laptop making outstanding images whenever he wanted. But when he eventually bought the Photoshop package, he was completely lost.

You won’t have to go through this pain if you spend some time learning about Photoshop. The software is pricy and for good reason- it’s the best image editing software on the market today. For someone who is knows what he or she is doing, Photoshop can do anything.¬†For more details you can check Basics of Photoshop website.

Here is some advice to get you started. Search for the ‘History Log’ on the screen. This is where you can save your progress while you edit your image. The are a number of options to personalise your session. For example select ‘Sessions Only’ to make the log remember the time and dat that you start each session. Choose ‘Concise’ to recall more information about your work. And you can pick ‘Detailed’ for the most information, recording details about every edit you do to the image.

Find the ‘History Log’. Here you can save every step you take when making your picture. You can choose how much informaiton it saves. For example choose the ‘Sessions Only’ to remember the time and date that you start each Photoshop session. ‘Concise’ records more information on all the editing sessions. You can also choose ‘Detailed’ which does the same job as ‘Concise’, but also notes the file path and details about every edit to the file.

The only real way to learn Photoshop is to play around with things. Keep exploring and discover what you can do. For more specific learning read about Photoshop online and try out the many available video tutorials. After a while, you’ll be making superb pictures just like my nephew wanted to!